sâmbătă, 11 iulie 2009

I'm stuck in this world, this little world, that i built inside unconscious. The fairy land of dreaming, but dreaming not in the normal, good way, and neither the bad, illusionist dreaming. That stupid sense, that keeps you blocked in there, and everything that you feel, hear, say or even touch, it becomes something else, something that stays there for a long time, and there is nothing with what you could erase it.

joi, 2 iulie 2009

Bestfest :)

So .. Bestfest started!!
It started with a "soulstorm" or just a storm .. yeah, it started with a really big rain, and in the first moment it was good, it felt refreshing, but after it was a little hard standing in the rain for at least 3 hours, being very wet and all.
But it was killers.. it was good, it was awesome ..
I really liked it, and it was that feeling, that you don't care about anything, all you want to do is listen to their music, and not give a fuck about the rain, about the wet people around you, about really nothing .. Patrice was good too, everybody jumpin and singing.. oh, i love him a lot..
waiting for today's night, ayo, moby and many more.. even if i look on the window and i almost can't see anything because of the rain, but let's pray :)) ..
maybe it'll be ok.. at least i want to hope so!!