joi, 2 iulie 2009

Bestfest :)

So .. Bestfest started!!
It started with a "soulstorm" or just a storm .. yeah, it started with a really big rain, and in the first moment it was good, it felt refreshing, but after it was a little hard standing in the rain for at least 3 hours, being very wet and all.
But it was killers.. it was good, it was awesome ..
I really liked it, and it was that feeling, that you don't care about anything, all you want to do is listen to their music, and not give a fuck about the rain, about the wet people around you, about really nothing .. Patrice was good too, everybody jumpin and singing.. oh, i love him a lot..
waiting for today's night, ayo, moby and many more.. even if i look on the window and i almost can't see anything because of the rain, but let's pray :)) ..
maybe it'll be ok.. at least i want to hope so!!

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